The Benefits of VoIP

 Benefits of VoIP

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the delivery of voice and multimedia over Internet Protocol networks.

The benefits of VoIP are plentiful, which is why so many businesses have moved to it. VoIP can save companies both time and money. It can even boost productivity and expand collaboration. But these reasons are just the tip of the iceberg; VoIP is ripe with potential that can help expand the way you do business.

Save Money

One compelling reason to consider VoIP is the savings. The cost of VoIP service can be much less expensive than traditional voice services. Switching to VoIP can save as much as 40% or more per month over traditional telephone service. Many of the rich features specific to Hosted VoIP will streamline communication and boost productivity. Use these features to leverage additional savings for your business.

Take Your Office Anywhere

Take your office with you! Hosted VoIP phones can be plugged into any broadband internet connection, anywhere is the world. This makes time away from the office, both easier and less stressful. The flexibility of this cloud based solution opens opportunities for developing and maintaining business relations while at great distances. With built-in features such as Voicemail to Email and Freedom Ring, never miss a call or important message again.

Flexibility and Productivity

With American Telephone Company’s web based user portal you have increased flexibility. Make moves, adds, and changes anytime and from anywhere. Increase productivity by reducing the time and distractions associated with maintaining and operating a premise based phone system.


Videoconference-enabled phones unite advanced IP telephony, videoconferencing and business applications, into a seamless communications experience. This communications experience enables interoffice collaboration like never before.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Hosted VoIP phone installation requires no technical knowledge; just plug and play. Unlike traditional premise based phone systems, Hosted VoIP phones don’t require separate cabling. Just plug your VoIP phone into your existing internet connection and you’re in business. Access voice and video applications with a single touch, making your IP phone easy to use. You can even personalize your Hosted system and corresponding applications by using ATC’s web based user portal.


Scalability and maintenance of VoIP services are efficient and simple. That’s because scaling VoIP doesn’t require the use of hardware. If you have a seasonal business or you’re planning a big campaign, you’ll need to scale quickly. With Voice over IP there’s no on-site installations necessary to add additional lines or features. Just scale up when needed and scale down when you don’t. It’s that simple!

Make Your Small Business Appear Larger

VoIP telephony gives you features and functionality that can make your small business appear larger. Features such as Auto Attendant, Music on Hold with Custom Messaging, and Time of Day Routing; can give the illusion your small business is much larger. The Auto Attendant feature is like having a virtual receptionist, answering your calls and directing them where needed.  Both Auto Attendant and Music on Hold, can even make important announcements, such as inclement weather notifications. Notifications ensure your employees, customers and suppliers always stay informed. You can edit all these customizable features, via our web-based user portal, at your convenience.

At American Telephone Company we have a variety of VoIP solutions to meet any organization’s needs. We’re not just a carrier, but a complete telecommunications consulting and management company. We’re motivated most by the improvement our services can make in your business. Call us today for your custom VoIP solution and quote free of charge.

Posted on: December 23, 2016