Do You Trust Your Telecom Solution?

Within the healthcare world there are entities of all sizes providing important services to the communities they are located in. For small practices with one or two offices the process by which vital technologies such as telephony are provided, managed and ultimately paid for is relatively simple. For larger healthcare providers, where multiple locations in one state or geographic region make up their network, the logistics of managing communications technologies can present multiple issues. Such was the case with one health care group located in the North East.

As part of the entire hospital group, smaller care facilities and doctors’ offices were all working to provide the community with the best healthcare services possible. Each location within the group had contracted their own communication services, which were provided by local companies. Initially this made sense since working with local providers often meant better pricing and locally provided technical support was beneficial in the event of an unexpected issue. For a while this approach worked well, but as the group grew larger so did the desire to centralize all accounts payable activities. That’s because the ability for the central accounting department to easily manage various accounts had become a challenge and problematic.

Realizing the situation needed professional help to manage and simplify the system, the group reached out to American Telephone Company (ATC). Beginning with a comprehensive inventory and assessment of existing systems, ATC discovered a number of locations that had been relocated or closed completely that were unnecessarily being charged for services. Additionally, and more importantly, the group was using an outdated and inefficient Centrex service at all of their larger facilities. To address these issues, ATC deployed PRIs at the larger facilities, utilizing a variety of underlying networks that would provide system protection, a crucial support feature the hospitals did not previously have in place.

The resulting system upgrade performed by ATC solidified the overall communication strategy for the group, providing up-to-date technology that offers the flexibility necessary along with a longer overall system life. In addition, the consolidation of multiple charges into a single bill provided much needed relief for the AP department, allowing them to save thousands of dollars per year and valuable man-hours once necessary to manage the financial side of the system. This is among many other success stories we are proud to share.

“When we were approached by our client we knew we could help them but also understood that we had to do the type of deep analysis necessary for the complex and somewhat archaic system that they had been using,” said ATC President Leo Giardina “Understanding the vital importance of the service they delivered to their communities, we wanted to make sure that they had the right technology with the redundancies and infrastructure to handle any situation.”

With technical support provided by ATC, the healthcare group has a new system in place that will enable their facilities to remain a valuable and effective part of the communities they serve for many years to come.

Posted on: March 21, 2017