Setting up and maintaining a telecom system can be a hassle and a drain on your company's resources. You need that time to spend on running your business. At ATC, we know how crucial a reliable and cost-effective communications solution can be to the success of your company, so we work hard to keep you connected.

Each industry—and each company—has specific communication needs and challenges. We understand that a "one-size-fits-all" approach just won't do. And that is why the experienced team at ATC tailors industry-specific telecom solutions for our wide range of customers, including those in multiple industries, such as the following:


American Telephone helps medical offices and health care professionals select the telecom system and customizable features that provide the best continuity, call coverage and flexibility to meet their needs.

Law Firms

Lawyers need a flexible phone system that allows on-demand conferencing among offices, remote locations and that provides a dependable connection for trial collaboration and discovery sessions.

Banking & Financial Services

Financial firms require seamless call coverage among multiple offices and remote workers, uninterrupted business continuity and CRM voice integration that displays the client's information as soon as the phone rings.


Retailers need flexible call-routing so customers can reach the right person quickly. They also need resource management features to help call centers seamlessly handle spikes in phone activity.


Staffing companies need to contact applicants quickly when job opportunities arise. Enhanced call distribution to connect with remote placement counselors is also beneficial.

Real Estate Property Management

Property management firms need to respond quickly to building maintenance issues, send quality images and videos of properties on-demand and ensure open communications among staff in and out of the office.

Now is the Time

Speak with an ATC representative who is familiar with your industry and receive a free Onsite Systems Analysis and Phone Bill Audit to determine the solutions that are right for you. We can have your telecommunications system up to par in a matter of days.