To compete and communicate in today's global economy, high speed Internet access is a necessity. ATC offers customized Internet solutions to meet the needs of your business. So, if you're looking to host your company's website or need to link large corporate networks, ATC has the solution. We can help your company realize access speeds up to 10Gig and growing. Our Internet product line offers a complete range of options to provide your business with positive results.


  • ADSL
  • SDSL
  • Copper access
  • Ethernet over Copper (EOC)
  • Fiber access


  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Pre-configured routers
  • Link multiple sites via the Internet
  • Transfer large data, video and media files quickly
  • Host your company's website
  • Run applications from an off-site server
  • Provide connectivity for off-site storage
  • Provide a link for corporate networks
  • Provide telecommuting and/or videoconferencing


  • Significantly lower costs associated with legacy Internet circuits
  • Flat monthly fee that includes circuit charges
  • Volume and term discount plans provide substantial savings on already competitive ATC rates.