American Telephone Company's SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) has become a catalytic force helping shape today's telecommunications industry. Our SIP service is designed for organizations of all sizes and provides calling packages to meet the needs of your business.


  • NO MORE RATE CENTER RESTRICTIONS! Port existing numbers to ATC's SIP product from any major telecom provider
  • DID/DOD service available
  • Turn ups in days not weeks
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Disaster recovery routing


  • Add additional call paths in hours
  • Utilize our bandwidth or yours


  • Lower usage related charges
  • Volume and term discount plans provide substantial savings on already competitive ATC rates

American Telephone Company's Hosted PBX platform provides a robust suite of features comparable to those of any high-end system.

Our Hosted PBX product is ideal for any business looking to replace premised based phone systems or looking to gain total control of their telecommunications environment without paying for costly service or software assurance contracts.

Features and Benefits:

Individual Direct in Dial Numbers: Ability to bypass an auto attendant or receptionist and reach a user directly with their own, personal phon e number.

Inbound Caller ID: Call details appear on the phone when a call is received.

Outbound Custom Caller ID: Customize outbound caller ID with a specific phone number and area code.

Call Transfer: Transfer a call to a phone anywhere.

Call Waiting: Allows a person to receive a call when on the line with someone else.

Call Forwarding (Temporary): Set office phone to ring to another device. Can be done on phone or through web portal.

Three-Way Conference Calling: Ability to conference in two other people, for a total of three parties on the line.

Directory Dialing: Ability to have personal and corporate directories programmed on phone.

Custom On Hold Music: A caller on hold will hear user-created music on hold.

Voicemail to Email: Ability to receive voicemails to the user's email address.

Missed Call Notification: Receive an email notification any time a phone call is missed.

Simultaneous Ring: Ring any number of phones simultaneously.

Shared Call Line Appearance: Allows Reception/Administrators to identify what number/extension the caller intended.

Sequential Ring /Find Me, Follow Me: Ring phones in a predetermined sequence until user or voicemail picks up.

Speed Dial: Set up personal speed dials from each phone.

System Operation Times: Allows you to turn your system operation times on and off.

Auto Attendant: A pre-recorded response allows callers to press a key and be routed to the associated destination.

PIN Codes: Ability to create enterprise-wide PIN codes to make outgoing calls.

Busy Light Fields: The ability to recognize whether an extension is in use or not. The extension will light up, and allow an Admin or Executive user to monitor and answer that extension.

Web Admin/User Portal: Administer your phone or system through an online portal.

Call Recording: Record and store phone calls.

Call Reporting Logs: Ability to review call activity in real time, as well as pull a CSV file.

Call Queue Analytics: The ability to record and report call queue data for every employee logged in while tracking daily traffic and wait in-between calls.

Web Receptionist: The ability to view current phone users, voicemails and transfer calls via a web client.

Call Park: The ability to put a call on hold from one telephone and continue the conversation from any other telephone from any location in the world.

Intercom: Two-way audio communication via intercom.

Disaster Recovery: Guaranteed method to ensure you never lose service during an outage or natural disaster.


  • Online portal access
  • Change extensions on the fly
  • Add new phones in days


  • Fixed usage charges
  • No service contracts
  • No software assurance contracts
  • Volume and term discount plans provide significant savings on already competitive ATC rates

The ATC Inbound Disaster Recovery system will protect your in-bound voice calls from a disaster of any magnitude. Our pre-programmed IDR system is designed to handle anywhere from 1-500 simultaneous calls in the event of a Telco or PBX outage. This pre-programmed system provides automated announcements, ACD, dial by name, follow me, VM, VM notification and e-mail notification 24/7/365. This service is highly recommended for any business that cannot afford to lose in-bound calls.


  • Never miss calls during a disaster
  • Supports world-wide coverage
  • Time of day routing
  • No capital expenditure
  • Remote access for immediate customized recordings
  • Provides employees and customers with critical updates
  • Works with any phone system
  • Adds redundancy to your existing solution


  • Allows you to manage your business during any disaster and be a step ahead of your competition when customers need you the most.


  • Helps prevents loss of revenue
  • Scaleable packages for all businesses
  • Flat monthly fee

American Telephone Company's Enhanced PRI product is revolutionizing the way businesses obtain voice service. Utilize our dedicated connection, your existing bandwidth or a combination of both to leverage one of the most resilient and redundant voice services available in the market place.


  • KEEP YOUR CURRENT NUMBERS! Port existing numbers from any carrier.
  • Turn ups in days not weeks
  • Consolidate both voice and data on one circuit
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Disaster recovery failover routing


  • Allows for VOICE network monitoring
  • Use our dedicated connection, your existing bandwidth or both
  • Port numbers from anywhere in the country
  • Make routing changes on the fly


  • Lower usage related charges
  • Volume and term discount plans provide substantial savings on already competitive ATC rates

ATC's PLAIN OLD TELEPHONE SERVICE (POTS) replacement product is designed to provide businesses with an alternative solution to traditional copper POTS lines. With many feature rich benefits, such as Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding on the Fly, 3-Way Calling and Automated Failover, ATC's E-POTS takes this traditional product to the next level.


  • Dedicated voice rates
  • Caller ID
  • Nationwide portability
  • Call Forward on the fly
  • Voice Mail
  • Failover


  • Increase line count without facility checks
  • Add additional service in days not weeks
  • Utilize your existing data connection or ours


  • Significantly lower the cost of costly POTS lines
  • Volume and term discount plans available

Note: This service does not support Fax's, Alarms or Credit Card devices